Asean Common Effective Preferential Tariff Scheme – Form D

Launched in 1993, AFTA is a free trade area involving all ASEAN Countries: Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia,
Laos, Malaysia, Myammar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Combodia.

The First Schedule of the AFTA & CEPT Order 2004 specifies the origin requirement under two conditions:

  1. The goods have been wholly produced or obtained in the exporting country;
  2. In the case of goods not wholly produced or obtained in the exporting country, such goods shall
    conform to the following Origin Criteria:

    • The goods shall be deemed to originate from ASEAN countries if at least 40% of its content
      originates from any ASEAN country;
    • The total value of the materials, parts or produce originating from non-ASEAN countries
      does not exceed 60% the FOB value of the product and the final process of the manufacture
      is performed in the exporting country;
    • Products which comply with origin requirements specified in subparagraphs 5.7.1 and 5.7.2
      can be used as inputs provided that the aggregate ASEAN content of the final product is
      not less than 40%.

The Certificate of Origin shall be issued by the Government authorities of the exporting ASEAN country.
In Malaysia, Form D is issued by MITI.

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